Delivery Driver

Rio Grande Foods, Laurel, MD

The delivery driver must have a high level of honesty, integrity, reliability, independence and ingenuity. Be able to work on their own and without supervision. You must comply with land traffic laws. Park in the areas intended for the loading and unloading of merchandise ordeliveries. Withstand different types of weather conditions and have the necessary physical strength to load and unload the merchandise. You must have mastery of stress, be able to manage your time effectively and with skills, such as working according to pre-assigned schedules. 

It is the link between the company and the customers and can calculate the departure and arrival times. Establish an effective route for delivery 


  • Analyze all routes and establish the most efficient or effective to make the delivery of the product. 
  • Check the product and read its specifications according to the route. 
  • Handle the product with the great care. 
  • Inspect the vehicle before departure to rule out malfunction: (Levels of gasoline, oil, brakes, lights and coolant). 
  • Return the vehicle to the head office or company when its delivery has finished, as well as report any delivery that could not be made. 
  • Collect acknowledgments of receipt. 
  • Keep a record of the product delivered and document all the information pertinent to what was delivered. 
  • Deliver the corresponding supports to the central office or company. 
  • Notify the head office or company about any emergencies, delays or accidents, as well asuse help if  necessary


  • Baccalaureate/intermediate vocational training 
  • Knowledge of mechanics  
  • Ability to drive and customer service  
  • Minimum experience of 1 year as a delivery driver 
  • Clean Driving Record 
  • Positive and professional attitude 

Exposure to occupational hazards 

  • Workload stress 
  • Exposure to work/commute accidents. 

Courses recommends two for delivery driver 

  • DEFENSIVE DRIVING (For drivers of car, truck, van, etc.)
  • DROWSINESS IN DRIVING (preferably for drivers of long trips of any  type of vehicle 
  • ROAD LEGISLATION (State, Federal Regulations) 
  • BASIC CAR MAINTENANCE For all drivers