4 types of Central American Cheeses that you have to try

The richness of Central American gastronomy comes from the diversity between cultures which offers us a mixture of flavors and ingredients which is a unique fusion!  Since ancient civilizations, cheese has been stored for times of scarcity and has been considered a food with numerous benefits due to its high fat, protein, calcium and phosphorus… Continue reading 4 types of Central American Cheeses that you have to try

Pupusas, the most popular dish from El Salvador

Pupusas, tradition of El Salvador  Pupusas are thick rice or corn flour tortillas, traditionally can be stuffed with loroco (edible flower), cheese, refried beans, chicharron or zucchini squash. However MANY FILLINGS can be accompanied with tomato sauce and curtido: (sauerket) a vegetable made recipe like carrots, jalapeños and cabbage chopped finely everythin fermented with vinegar, salt and… Continue reading Pupusas, the most popular dish from El Salvador

Fresh Relaunch

After 6 months out of the market, we finally relaunched our line of top-selling FRESH CHEESES in October. This will allow us to improve our performance in the Dairy category and bring classic and favorite products such as YORITO FRESH CHEESE to our customers. Part of our dairy improvement strategy includes the launch of QUESOS… Continue reading Fresh Relaunch

Tierra Fertil Ranch Website

The Tierra Fértil ranch makes the official launch of its website www.tierrafertil.com.sv as part of the strategy to position itself in this digital era as the reference and model to follow of agriculture and livestock in El Salvador. The quality of corn, cattle and milk are recognized at the level of our field, but we… Continue reading Tierra Fertil Ranch Website

30 years with Hispanic Community

In September we had the opportunity to participate in the SALVAVISION FESTIVAL, where we celebrated the independence of El Salvador with the Salvadoran community in Maryland. Place where JOSUÉ ALVARADO and RIO GRANDE FOODS, were recognized for their valuable contribution to the LATINO COMMUNITY IN MARYLAND thanks to the effort to bring the flavor and… Continue reading 30 years with Hispanic Community